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360° Purpose

My goal is to make Avansel Equipment the most complete catalog of equipment and software for shooting spherical panoramas and creating virtual tours. The key feature is the ability to find and compare characteristics of 360° cameras and related equipment to create virtual tours.

360° History

I started working on the 360°-related project back in 2014. That was the project called that let anyone share panoramas and create virtual tours from them. In 2017 I've updated it to a new version that has more expanding features. For each uploaded panorama, it has the ability to specify the equipment name as a tag. This feature would let website visitors review all panoramas and virtual tours made using certain equipment to decide which equipment to buy.

Advanced 360° equipment comparison

Each camera description had limited information about each camera and accessory. Now with the Avansel Equipment website, I wanted to extend that info and let any panoramic photographers and 360° photo enthusiasts have complete information to compare and choose the best option possible.

In addition to that our goal is to present enough examples of use for such equipment, camera, drone, accessories, or software. For instance, under Ricoh Theta X camera you should find (eventually) virtual tours, and panoramas and play with them to check the quality and compare with the works made using its alternatives.

Another very useful feature, I think, is the ability to compare camera, drone, accessory, or software specifications in regard to making 360° virtual tours and panoramas called Product Alternatives. For example, if you are on the Ricoh Theta X product page you can scroll down to where it says Ricoh Theta X alternatives. Below that link, you will see the closest alternatives to this camera. And if you will click on the link you will be redirected to the page where specifications for all Theta X alternatives are represented in such a useful way along with specifications for Theta X itself.

Equipment for 360° panoramas and virtual tours

Equipment for 360° panoramas and virtual tours includes:

Become a parnter

During the last 20 years, we've gained huge baggage of knowledge and experience in web development 360 photography, and business working on endless startups, eCommerce, and complex websites and mobile apps.

If the sphere of your interest in 360° photography you will definitely benefit from partnering with Avansel and Avansel Equipment!

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Roman Grinev
Founder of Avansel Equipment

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