Which 360 Camera is Best for Real Estate Virtual Tours?


The Best 360 Cameras for 2023

Virtual reality technology has been making waves lately in the real estate industry. With a 360 camera, home buyers and sellers can visit properties virtually, allowing for a more in-depth look than ever before. So which 360 camera is best for real estate tours?

There is no one perfect 360 camera for real estate tours, as the right tool for each project depends on the specific needs of the client and the medium being used. However, some of the best 360 cameras for real estate virtual tours include the Theta Z1, Qoocam 8K, and GoPro Max! Here's their detailed review!

Ricoh Theta Z1


If you're looking for a 360 camera that will help you create virtual tours of your real estate properties, the Ricoh Theta Z1 is a great option to consider. This camera is available in both basic and premium versions, and it has a number of features that can help you create high-quality tours.

For example, the Theta Z1 has a built-in digital audio recorder that can capture sound during your tours, and it also has a built-in sensor that can track movement within your images. This means that you can create accurate 3D motion graphics using the footage from the Theta Z1.

Theta Z1 has many features that make it ideal for real estate use. Such as it has a great range of shooting resolutions (4K/30fps), an integrated lens stabilization system that helps to keep your footage steady, and a longevity ISO range, which helps to ensure clear images even in low-light conditions.

Additionally, it has several other features that make it perfect for this purpose, including a powerful processor, dual 1-inch sensor, and extremely fast autofocus, and it also supports both TimeLapse and Hyperlapse modes.


  • High-quality camera
  • Wide angle lens
  • Great low-light performance
  • Large sensor size
  • Easy to use and control
  • Portable design with a battery life of up to 60 minutes


  • No external memory support
  • Lack of touchscreen

GoPro Max


GoPro Max


GoPro Max is the best 360° camera for real estate virtual tours due to its high resolution and reliability. Its wide range of shooting modes makes it versatile enough for capturing both indoor and outdoor footage, while its easy-to-use controls make it perfect for novice shooters.

GoPro Max is packed with smart features and capabilities that set it apart from other GoPro cameras. What makes the GoPro Max so impressive is its ability to capture 5.6K Ultra HD footage at up to 60 fps, 16MP still photos, and 5Gbps speeds for high-quality editing.

Some other key features include dual microphones for better audio recording, an updated touch display with Gesture Control and Quick Control Buttons, a waterproof design for capturing adventures underwater, and better stabilization than any other GoPro model.

The Max has high resolution and can capture great 360-degree footage even in low-light conditions. It also comes with many advanced features that make it perfect for real estate virtual tours, such as stabilization and geotagging.

Overall, the camera's wide-angle lens lets you capture a wide view of the property while still maintaining close-up shots. So if you are looking for a 360 camera that is perfect for creating professional-looking virtual tours, the GoPro Max should definitely be at the top of your list.


  • Improved stabilization
  • Better image quality, and is waterproof
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • Can be easily attached to helmets or other gear
  • Can be used with a wide range of mounts and accessories
  • Many features that are not available on other action cameras


  • Bit Expensive
  • Not very durable

Kandao QooCam 8K


Kandao QooCam 8K offers the perfect solution for real estate agents and businesses that need to take virtual tours of properties. This top-of-the-line 360 camera has an 8K resolution at 30fps and 4k resolution at 120fps, which provides stunning visuals that will impress any viewer.

QooCam has a variety of features, including support for both spherical and linear video formats. This camera is perfect for creating detailed virtual tours or 360 degrees footage of any property you’d like to sell or lease, as it can capture virtually everything from close-up shots of details to panoramic views from far away.

The Kandao QooCam 8K also has a built-in ND filter which reduces glare and makes viewing footage easier in bright light environments. Plus, it also has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can record live audio and video during your tours.

Additionally, the camera's wide-angle lens gives you a more in-depth view of your property, while its high resolution ensures that your images are crystal clear. Furthermore, its lowlight performance is impressive thanks to its maximum ISO of 6400.

Unlike other 8K cameras on the market, the QooCam 8K has a modular design that allows for easy customization. So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line 360 camera that can help make your real estate listings stand out from the competition, the Kandao Qoocam 8K is definitely worth considering.


  • High-resolution photos and videos
  • Very wide-angle lens
  • Long battery life
  • Huge field of view
  • Suitable for stunning real estate tours
  • User-friendly interface; can be controlled with a touchscreen


  • Price is high
  • Not as easy to control as other cameras

Ricoh Theta Z1 vs GoPro Max vs Kandao QooCam 8K Specs

Kandao QooCam 8K vs GoPro Max vs Ricoh Theta Z1 vs Kandao QooCam 3 Kandao QooCam 8K

Kandao QooCam 8K

GoPro Max

GoPro Max

Ricoh Theta Z1

Ricoh Theta Z1

Kandao QooCam 3

Kandao QooCam 3

Summary Kandao QooCam 8K GoPro Max Ricoh Theta Z1 Kandao QooCam 3
Price $1,949.99 $499.00 $1,049.95
Released On Mar 2022 Apr 2019 May 2019 Jun 2023
photo Kandao QooCam 8K GoPro Max Ricoh Theta Z1 Kandao QooCam 3
Photo Format

Raw+ photo (16bit)

PNG (5760 x 2880)

JPEG (Exif Ver2.3)

Photo Modes 360 Video: 6K Source / 5.6K Stitched, 3K Source / Stitched; HERO Video: 1440p, 1080p Auto, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, ISO priority, Manual
Photo Resolution


16.59MP (5760 x 2880) 6720 x 3360

11K 62MP 360 Photos

video Kandao QooCam 8K GoPro Max Ricoh Theta Z1 Kandao QooCam 3
Video Format


MP4 and HEVC

Video (MP4):
Image: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio: AAC-LC (mono) + Linear PCM (4ch spatial audio)

Live streaming:
Image: H.264
Audio: Linear PCM (4ch)

Video Modes

Auto, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, ISO priority, Manual

Live streaming:

Video Resolution

7680x3840@30fps 8/10bit
3840x1920@120fps 8/10bit

5.6K at 30fps

4K / 3840x1920 /29.97 fps / 56Mbps
2K / 1920x960 / 29.97 fps / 16Mbps

5.7K resolution at 25/30 FPS
4K at 30/50/60 FPS

image Kandao QooCam 8K GoPro Max Ricoh Theta Z1 Kandao QooCam 3
ISO Range 400-6400

Still image/video:
ISO 80 to 6400 (Auto)
ISO 200 to 6400 (Can set upper limit)
ISO 80 to 6400 (Manual mode)

Live streaming:
ISO 80 to 6400

Shutter Speed 1/120th of a second or auto

Still image:
1/25000 to 1/8 s (Auto)
1/25000 to 15 s (Shutter priority mode)
1/25000 to 60 s (Manual mode)

1/25000 to 1/30 s (Auto)
1/25000 to 1/30 s (Shutter priority, Manual)

Live streaming:
1/25000 to 1/30 s (Auto)

White Banlance

Still image/Video:
Auto, Outdoor, Shade, Cloudy, Incandescent light 1, Incandescent light 2, Daylight color fluorescent light, Natural white fluorescent light, White fluorescent light, Light bulb color fluorescent light, Color temperature settings (2500 to 10000 K)

Live streaming:


Manual compensation
-2.0 to +2.0 EV, 1/3 EV steps


As virtual reality technology continues to advance, so too does the potential for real estate agents and businesses to create immersive tours of properties. Based on our comparison, all of the above 360 cameras allow you to capture every angle of your property in perfect detail, and they can be used to create virtual tours that are both informative and visually appealing, so you can't go wrong with any of these!

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