I've asked AI to show the future 360 cameras and here is what happened next

AI is currently on everyone's lips. Have you ever wondered how AI envisions modern 360 cameras? Today, in Windows 11, a new feature has appeared in the menu that allows you to try out image generation using artificial intelligence. I was given 25 free credits on the Bing Image Creator website. I decided to give it a try and generate some images of contemporary 360-degree cameras for capturing interior and exterior panoramas. And here are some of the photos, panoramas, and cameras that I was able to generate.

How AI view a modern 360 cameras

Request to AI: "An ultra-modern 360 camera is positioned atop a tall monopod, standing tall against a pristine white background".

Insta360 Pro2 looking AI generated camera

futuristic 360 camera devices, seamlessly combining form and functionality

This AI generated 360 camera looks almost like a Insta360 Pro2 or Samsung Gear 360.



GoPro Fusion-looking AI-generated camera

pocket-sized 360 camera

This AI generated 360 camera looks almost like a Kandao QooCam 3 or GoPro Fusion. Compare them with what we have in our 360 equipment website.



Another AI-made 360 camera clone

Another AI-made 360 clone of the Insta360 Pro2 combined with the Samsung 360.

Taking AI 360 photos in downtown Seattle

Request: Insta360 x3 camera set on the tall monopod in the middle of downtown Seattle, wide angle.

Advanced AI-made 360 camera clone

the AI-generated images of cityscapes

And this 360 camera with the Seattle skyscrapers in the background looks like a much more advanced AI-made 360 camera clone.

A 360-degree camera resembling a glass sphere

Behold, is an AI-crafted marvel—a 360-degree camera resembling a glass sphere, mirroring the majestic skyscrapers that adorn the downtown skyline of Seattle.

AI-generated camera that resemble a handheld video camera

Image 360 AI-generated camera resemble a handheld video camera mounted on a thick monopod. You can understand that the camera has at least one lens and several slots for a memory card.

Flying AI-generated GoPro-looking 360 camera

AI-generated images transported viewers into captivating environments

Taking AI 360 panoramas of interior

Request: Insta360 X3 camera set on the monopod in the middle of light living room of the rich apartment complex professional panorama wide angle HDR.

AI-generated photo of a 360 camera made to take interior panoramas

the AI-generated images and the potential advancements they represented

AI-generated photo of a 360 camera in taking interior shots

An AI-created image of a 360-degree camera, capturing interior shots

In conclusion

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Roman Grinev

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